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Copper Bathtubs (92)


What happens when the real craftsmanship is brought to you, at a more than a competitive price...? Almost complete production process is done manually with a strict care about the finishing and the perfect outcome.
In today's industrialized world, where we can find machines for practically everything, a sophisticated client or user wants a real, man-made product, not a soulless cloned product.
When a perfect design and quality raw materials match a competitive price and a gifted man's hands, then a real art is a result. Our copper bathtubs are just that, ART.
Unpolluted finishing, care about the details, spectacular designs and the result is a unique piece of dream came truth.
Some top showrooms are already offering to their clients our copper bathtubs, but now they are also available for the rest of the world!
You can not permit yourself not to have them in your showroom!

Bronze Bathtubs (6)


Rediscover the old art of idleness in a most elegant and luxurious way! Bathe in solid bronze, evoking an atmosphere reminiscent of the times of Sultans. After a long time invested, we have achieved the perfection in a bronze bathtubs manufacturing. Each single unique bathtub is individually handcrafted by our highly skilled artisans.
The massive bronze bell is sculpted to form a shape that perfectly fits the contours of the body. Every piece is then meticulously hand polished in an eight-stage process in order to achieve its luminous golden finish. Finally, each exquisite functional work of art is given a name, numbered, and engraved with it's artist signature. Our bronze bathtub is a breathtaking centerpiece that will enhance any home, hotel, or health spa.

Stainless Steel Bathtubs (16)


Stainless steel bathtubs fit perfectly with today's trend to make your home really unique in every aspect and truly one-of-a-kind. People want their homes to make a statement and a very strong one at that. Even bathrooms are now being re-done with the sole purpose of being different and unusual.
Using marble and granite in bathrooms has become quite passé. People are looking for something out of the ordinary and at the same time contemporary and new age. The answer? The use of stainless steel in the bathroom, especially stainless steel bathtubs. Stainless steel bath tubs can be used in bathrooms, either with other fixtures such as stainless steel sinks and countertops for a complete stainless steel bathroom, or you can just add the stainless tub as a focal point of your bathroom. Whichever way you choose to go, the steel bathtub will make a great addition to any bathroom.

Wooden Bathtubs (2)


Wooden baths and basins by Bathissimo originate from the great and long experience of master British craftsmen who skillfully transform the old knowledge of woodworking into the exquisite hand-made creations. A variety of sustainable woods are used in the creation of our baths allowing you to select the color and tone of your bath to complement its surroundings. Ash, American Long Leaf Pine and Iroko are the wood essences we use to manufacture our products.
Solid wood beams, skillfully woven, give birth to unique figures where design, creativity and technical ability are the basis to achieve long lasting high level handicrafts. A long production process that starts with the beam seasoning and continues through the strictly respected manufacturing stages, together with a skilled manual ability, results in refined, unique products of flawless manufacture. Our Company makes wooden baths which can be tailor finished to suit customer requirements. With over 25 years design and wood shaping skills drawn from traditional boat building techniques our craftsmen hand fashion each wooden bath to guarantee a finished product of the highest quality.
Wooden baths allow the bather to enjoy a 'natural bathing experience' in a warm, heat-retaining bath made to a beautiful finish.

Marble and Cast Iron baths (28)

Bathissimo's collection of cast iron baths is uniquely designed and hand-made using traditional methods. Only the highest quality materials of marble, travertine and solid cast iron are carefully selected to craft baths which fit seamlessly into an elegantly classic of contemporary styled bathroom, bringing luxury and pleasure to the ritual of bathing.
Our travertine and marble bathtubs are truly unique and unlike any other on the market.  Hand-sculpted by skilled artisans from single pieces of high grade stone, each bath is literally work of art.

Tepidariums (2)

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