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Bathissimo, as a brand name, is created with the aim of becoming the world's Nº1 in its' field. We are completely devoted to this goal and that is why our products range is so thoroughly imagined, designed, and produced. 

Practically all of our products are hand-made, with a few exceptions only. Our factories are located mostly in Europe and nothing is being made in China, for example. We have seen, listened and acknowledged the desire of our friends and clients to enjoy man-made products and not industrially cloned articles. That is why our products have soul and the effort of our artisans is completely impregnated into theirs very essence.

The perfection of our products is guaranteed with the men's sweat and time-demanding manufacturing process. The word "manufacturing" itself, only with Bathissimo makes sense, when we recall it's first meaning: "Manufacture, original meaning: to make by hand, now means to make by machine or by industrial process".

Bathissimo is a young company, but with a 20-years experience in bathroom, kitchen and design related articles. Become a member of a growing Bathissimo family and enjoy yourself and delight and make enjoy your clients.

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